EOD In The Marine Corps

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Marine Corps Multimedia Stories

IED’s have killed and maimed thousands of service members overseas. In 2007 Explosive Ordinance Disposal became a topic every Marine had to be aware of. To understand munitions disposal, Marines at Combined Arms Training Center, Camp Fuji Japan, disposed of a whole host of weapons on a winter afternoon in 2008. Out of all the stories I did in the Marine Corps, this was the most entertaining. Not only was it awesome seeing a bunch of shit blow up, but I also got to do a priceless interview with LCpl. Fernandez. She was the only female among 20 Marines that day, but other than her ponytail, five foot stature, and the lack of dip in her mouth, she was the stereotypical Marine.  I say that in an endearing manner, because out off all the Marines there that day, she KNEW  she wanted to take apart bombs for a living.  Her military occupation was supply, but she was trying to make her way into the male-domintaed EOD field.  I wish I could have aired my full interview with her, but her language was not agreeable with the American Forces Network broadcasting standard. After I told her repeatedly  she couldn’t say “fuck” or any derogatory terms for Iraqi’s, she gave me a brief soundbite that was semi-acceptable.  Thank you LCpl. Rachelle Fernandez!


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