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Jon Gruden

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Danny Restivo


I’ve always loved Monday Night Football, but the introduction of Jon Gruden into the booth has made it exponentially better.  His knowledge of the game is far greater than Tony Kornheiser or Dennis Miller, but what makes him awesome are his hilarious comments throughout the game. If you know anything about John Gruden, you know he’s an intense guy that doesn’t take shit from anyone, which I  greatly respect.  “Chucky” is a MAN’s football coach.  That’s why when he says comments that border on homosexuality (not that there’s anything wrong with it), I  bust a gut laughing.  He once said that if he had a body like San Fransico 49ers Tight End Vernon Davis, “I would be a the beach alot more often.”  He admitted to loving the Patti Labelle Song “New Attitude” on MNF.   If this was an average guy it wouldn’t be as funny, but since it’s Jon Gruden, it’s hysterical.

Recently, I watched 2 hours of him interviewing draft prospects on ESPN.  I laughed at him more than I did at John Stewart and Stephen Colbert that night (he kept telling Blaine Gabbert how good-looking of a guy he was).  I even texted my buddy to tell him to watch it because he has the same perspective on Gruden as myself.  The next day I went to  the Blackwell, where I work as a Bellmen driving people around and taking luggage for guests. The hotel is located on the Ohio State University, and right across the street from “the Shoe”.  When I’m not doing anything  I stand at a podium reading the daily newspaper, or making an effort to study.  This is when guests ask me the same questions; where’s the restroom?  where’s the bar?  Where’s the restaurant?  After telling three guests where the restaurant was, I was slightly annoyed about being interrupted with my newspaper.  30 seconds after those guests left, an elderly lady with a cane asked the EXACT same question.  I was becoming perturbed.  As soon as I got back into the rhythm of the article, a man with a baritone voice and an unmistakable intensity asked “Excuse me sir, you know where the restaurant is at?”  I thought one of my coworkers was messing with me, but when I looked up it was none other than the Super Bowl Champion Coach Jon Gruden.  I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but I was star struck.  This is the same guy I watched on TV for two hours the day before,  the same voice that entertained me on Monday nights, and the same guy I contemplated being for Halloween. When I made eye contact with him, I felt like he stared into my soul.  It was a mixture of awkwardness and intimidation on my part.  I finally spit out the words to where he needed to go, and he was gone.  I felt like I should have said something better, than “right around the corner and through the double doors.”   I immeidately texted my fellow Gruden fans and told them about the exchange.  Everyone agrees I blew my chance at impressing Jonn Gruden…Maybe he’ll be back for the 2012 Ohio State spring game.